I am a well seasoned massage therapist. I began my practice of this healing art in 1998. I have worked in the spa industry, with chiropractors, and in private practice. I am skilled in structural re-education, deep tissue, and injury recovery. I have a knack for eliminating chronic headaches, and alleviating chronic pain. My specialties include craniosacral, reflexology, and am deeply intuitive which allows me to customize my massage to your exact needs.

When I’m not massaging, I am a brilliant breakthrough mentor, a wife and mom of 4, a public speaker, and Head Slimdown Coach with RealNSlim.


I’m a 2013 graduate of UCMT. I’m passionate and intuitive, I love to help people relieve their pain with relaxing but specific work. I have a gentle touch and excel with light and medium pressure work, not the type of therapist to make a client feel like they have been beat up. I also enjoy providing various energy works such as acupressure, craniosacral therapy and reflexology. I look forward to meeting many new clients and working with you to help you feel better.


I have been Massaging for over 6 years, I have loved what I do before I even started school. Massage is so beneficial. I love helping Clients heal and feel like a new person when they get off the table. I’m very good at getting rid of headaches and relieving back pain.